Saturday, May 14, 2011

Design with Wine

This past Thursday my teacher friends and I went to Downtown Greenville to Design with Wine. Design with Wine is a place you can go and paint a canvas of a certain picture. They bring in an artist and you can bring snacks and drinks. You start with a blank canvas and in about 2 hours you have a complete painting to take home with you. We had the best time!! We laughed and laughed and everyone did a great job. You have to listen the whole time because the artist goes fast. It's really hard for a bunch of teachers to sit and listen to someone for 2 hours! We did the Charleston Pineapple Fountain. It looked hard and we couldn't imagine we were going to be able to do it. We actually all did a wonderful job! We were so impressed. We're planning on going back next month for another painting. I would highly recommend it! I didn't even know I was an artist. :)

You start with a blank canvas and some paint.
The pencil drawing of the fountain.
Halfway done

My final masterpiece!!

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