Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 30 Year Anniversary to my parents! I'm so thankful for my wonderful parents! They are wonderful role models and I'm so thankful for their marriage and all they do for us. I hope they have many, many more years together! We love you!

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful and busy Easter celebrating with family! It was a beautiful day to celebrate our Risen Lord! After church, I came home and finished a few treats. I made some Bunny Mix on Saturday and a lot of it was eaten by two little boys in my house. :) It was really good and looked cute with the pastel M&Ms. I'll definitely be making more of it, because Brent really liked it. I also made strawberry cupcakes from a recipe I found on Pinterest. I love making cupcakes and these turned out so cute! I'm pretty sure everyone liked them because I only came home with 3 last night.

We started the day eating at my Rosie's and then headed to Greenville with Brent's family. We ate dinner with my family at my Nana and Papa's. It was a busy day full of lots of eating and spending time together!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Fun

We had a great end of Spring Break this week! I was so glad to have Monday off today, too! It's so sad that it's going to be over tomorrow, but I'm excited to see my kids again. It won't be long until summer gets here!

On Thursday and Friday, I spent a lot of time doing my school work. Only 2 more weeks of these 2 classes! I went to see Candice's new house and did some shopping with my Mom and Nana. Lindsay came to stay for the weekend, so it was great catching up with her. It was a nice relaxing Thursday and Friday!

On Saturday, the kids came over and we had a little Easter egg hunt. They had so much fun hiding the eggs. We also hid the eggs for Brent, Lindsay, and Josh. It was lots of fun! I always loved finding Easter eggs when I was young at my grandparents' house. On Saturday night, we went to Greenville with Lindsay and Josh. We ate at Liberty and went to the Drive game. It was a beautiful night for a baseball game. We left a little early and let the boys get an ice cream at Marble Slab.

We watched the Master' all weekend and cheered on Bubba! We had a wonderful Spring Break!

All of us in our Masters' hats

Tired from hunting eggs

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Biltmore House

On Wednesday, Brent and I went to the Biltmore House. We wanted to go somewhere for the day and thought this would be a fun trip. We actually bought a yearly pass for the Biltmore this year. It was a great deal and I've always wanted to go at Christmas and different times of the year. We got there a little after lunch and went through the house. My favorite part is the indoor pool! We went through the village and had some ice cream. My favorite part was the gardens! They were beautiful this time of year! The tulip garden and azaleas were the best! It was a fun day trip and I'm looking forward to going back several times this year!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break

I love Spring Break! It came at the perfect time this year because we all needed a break from school! The only problem is it's really got me ready for summer. We've had some really warm weather here and it's made me think summer is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing all summer!

I planned a lot to do during Spring Break because I haven't had much time to get things done. My plan was to do school work, do some errands, and work on the house. The first part of Spring Break I had to finish some graduate school work and relax. I've also finished the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I finished all 3 books in 10 days. Since we've got our Ipad, I love reading!

Last weekend, Brent and I went to Home Depot to get flowers and things for our outside. We spent Sunday painting our door and planting some flowers. We also celebrated Rebecca's birthday.

On Monday, I went shopping with some teacher friends in Greenville. We also went to eat at PF Changs. It was very good! After a day of shopping, I was exhausted! I found some really cute dresses for this spring.

On Tuesday, I relaxed and then spent the evening working! We planted our window boxes and I cleaned the entire house. It needed some spring cleaning.

On Wednesday, Brent and I took a day trip and spent some time together. The rest of the week has been spent working on school work and spending time with friends and family. I'm hoping to find something fun to do this weekend!

We've worked a lot on our house this week. Brent's done a wonderful job working outside and I even painted the door and planted flowers. This is the most yard work I've ever done. I'm really happy with how it looks!

Friday, April 6, 2012

10 years

On March 23rd, Brent and I celebrated being together for 10 years! We started dating on March 23, 2002 when we were in the 10th grade. Brent and I met in a computer class at the Extension Campus during high school. We can both thank Jenilyn for throwing Skittles at his computer to get his attention. :)  He asked me to go to a Clemson Baseball game. We watched the Tigers play Maine and talked the entire time. We also went out to eat that night with some friends. The rest is history. :) We've been together ever since. I'm so thankful to have married my best friend and high school sweetheart. We've celebrated so milestones and been together through many ups and downs. I can definitely say that I love Brent more and more each day. We're so blessed to have found each other 10 years ago.

February and March

Wow! I can't believe it's already April. I had to take a little break from blogging because all that we've had going on. At the end of February my mom had to have her kidney out. It's been a long 3 months for my Mom and I'm glad to say that she is finally getting better. She's gone through so much and I'm so thankful that everything is getting better. Hopefully we'll be able to go on a trip this year to celebrate her finally feeling better! We're so thankful for our families and all they've done to help my Mom during this time.

At the beginning of March, my class went on their field trip to Columbia. We had a wonderful trip! We visited the State House, State Museum, and spent the night at the Riverbanks Zoo. It was a lot of fun, but took me the entire weekend to recover. I'll remember not to play tag with my kids next year!

I finished up my graduate class on February 28th and now I'm in the middle of 2 classes. This has been the hardest time with the most work. I just keep thinking about July 6th and how happy I will be to be done!

March was full of birthdays and we had a craft day at Caroline's house. We made bird egg necklaces that are really cute! Brent went on a field trip to Jekyll Island and had lots of fun, too! At the end of the month, I threw a baby/wedding shower at school. We celebrated a wedding, a baby boy, and a baby girl. It was fun planning the shower and getting everything together. My class loved helping me set up on the day of the shower!

March has been a busy month full of lots of school work and spending time with family.