Monday, May 23, 2011

Crepe Cake

I wanted to find something yummy to make for my Mom's birthday and I stumbled upon this recipe for a Crepe Cake. I've been wanting to make some crepes lately, so this was a great opportunity. It was really good, but it has to be eaten right when you make it. When I tried to reheat it the next day, it was not very good.

First, you have to make the lemon cream cheese icing and set it aside. Then you have to make about 20-30 crepes. I made the crepes from scratch, so it took a little longer. I layered 2-3 crepes and then added the filling. I repeated the layering until it was done. After I finished, I added some whipped cream and strawberries. This would be a great cake to take to a brunch this summer! Enjoy!

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