Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

Brent and I celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend by going out to Trio in Greenville. It was so yummy! Their bread is our favorite! I'm excited to have one open up in Anderson.

I love being an elementary teacher on Valentine's Day! It is so much fun. I think the kids love this party the best! We gave out Valentines and had a great party. I got some really cute stuff from my kids, too. Brent surprised me by sending me flowers at school this year. I was really surprised and loved showing them off. My kids couldn't quite figure out how he got them to school. :) Brent and I went to Clemson on Valentine's night and went to Grouchos. Then we headed over to the Clemson basketball game. It was a good game and I even got to talk to Dabo. I had a wonderful Valentine's Day with my sweetie!

My beautiful flowers!

My kids' gifts

Our only picture from Valentine's Day

Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy few weeks

I've had a lot going on lately and it seemed like every time I got ready to blog something else came up. So here are some of the things we've had going on:

  • I finish up my 6th grad. school class this week and only have 5 more to go. Yes!
  • The Giants won the Super Bowl! I was glad because I have an Eli jersey!
  • My mom went back into the hospital with infection in her back and found out she has to have her kidney out. :(
  • Caroline, Amy and I went maternity clothes shopping for Amy. I think Caroline and I had more fun picking out the clothes for Amy and trying on a few for ourselves.
  • We had our Open House at school and did a wonderful outside display.
  • We're getting ready for Wax Museum this week and I'm getting ready to throw a baby and wedding shower!
My fake baby bump

Our display at school