Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shadow Boxes

I've had 3 things on my to do list since last summer! I wanted to put my wedding bouquet in a shadow box, make a shadow box of favors from the wedding, and frame Brent's 2 Clemson jerseys. I finally got around to doing them yesterday. It was an all morning event. First, I took all kinds of goodies from the wedding and pinned them in a shadow box. I put Brent's boutonniere, the program, invitation, pictures, and other things from our wedding in the box. Second, I sprayed the flowers and arranged them in the box. I pinned wedding wishes on the back and then pinned the bouquet in the shadow box. It looks really good! I love it! Lastly, I pinned Brent's autographed Clemson jerseys in shadow boxes. They are going to look great in the Clemson room. I'm really excited to put these up in the house!

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