Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Party, Party, Party!

There have been lots of parties going on with the Jacksons lately. The beginning of August has been very busy. Between finishing up a graduate class and starting to decorate my room, we've been really busy.

The 3rd grade teachers all came over for a little party last week. We had a great time laughing and spending time together. I made some really cute things for the party that I found on Pinterest. We had a popcorn cake that was so good. Here's the recipe I used, here. Also, we had popsicles with champagne. They were really yummy.

We had the kids over again for a slumber party. They stayed up really late and we went shopping for their birthday the next day. They loved playing with the photo props and taking funny pictures.

This past weekend, Grayson celebrated her 1st birthday! It's hard to believe it's been one year! Jenilyn and Matt hosted a wonderful pink and green bash! Jenilyn had a lot of great crafty projects too! The food and cake were great! We also had a great time playing cornhole. Grayson was so cute!

More parties are just around the corner.....

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