Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekend!

We had a great and busy weekend! It was full of spending time with friends and family which is always so much fun! Friday night, we met Katie and Richard in Clemson for dinner at Mellow Mushroom and Spill the Beans. On Saturday night, we went with Josh and Lindsay to Sips and Strokes in Greenville. I was excited to get to paint again. We painted a pink flower with a black background. We had a great time together even though some people (Brent) didn't like his flower very much. We now have to find places to put 2 pink flowers in our house. Brent has a chance to redeem himself this week because we are going to paint again. I think I'm going to be an artist after all this painting. I really would love to open up an art place here in town. It would be so much fun. (I would not be the artist. Just the person in charge.)


Finished product!

The boys ready to paint!

All the beautiful flowers!

Today we got to celebrate Jackson's baptism with Brent's family. It was a great time and we really enjoyed brunch at Larkin's in Greenville. My french toast was so yummy! Jackson is growing up so fast. He's one month old tomorrow!

After a busy weekend, we are looking forward to a week of relaxation and fun at the beach! Can't wait!

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