Friday, July 1, 2011

Good times with the kids

This week has been a great week! I've moved a lot of stuff from my parents house and I've gotten some rest. I've been all involved in the Casey Anthony trial. My mom and I spend a lot of time watching it during the day. I got to see Candice and we got our nails done together! It's such a nice treat! We've also got to spend some time with some of our favorite people......

Brent and I love spending time with the kids in our lives. We are so blessed to have friends and family that have wonderful kids. During the summer, we get to spend extra time together.

We love seeing Jackson! He's growing so much each day! We're so excited to be his aunt and uncle and can't wait to watch him grow up!

We've got to spend time with the Iveys this summer too! We had a great slumber party and hope they come back soon. They love to play MarioKart with Brent while they are at our house.

Ready to play!

Grayson is always so fun to be around! She's so cute and so sweet! We love watching her smile and crawl over the house. We even got to swim together. She loves the water!

Twins for the day

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