Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is always a busy day for Brent and me. We got up really early and exchanged presents with each other. Brent spoils me so much and always buys me the best presents! I got 3 cute new shirts, a new pocketbook, cookbook, perfume, and 2 new Pandora charms. I also got a new book that I finished in 2 days! I got him some good stuff, too. He got new books, a watch, 2 sweaters, a vest, and Clemson stuff.

After getting ready we headed to my parents for our gifts from Santa. We got lots of goodies! Then, we went to Brent's house to exchange gifts. We racked up there, too. We got new frames, clothes, and lots of giftcards at both of our houses.

We ate lunch at my house, headed to Brent's aunt's house and then to Greenville with Brent's family. We ate a great dinner and then played White Elephant. Thankfully, we gave our gifts away before they could come back home with us. :) We even had a visit from Santa. We had a very blessed Christmas!

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