Sunday, January 22, 2012

Past few weeks

Well, we've had a few long weeks in January. We started out the month by resting and getting back in the routine of going to school. School is back to normal and we are getting ready for our Open House.

Last weekend, my mom had to have emergency surgery on her kidney. She fell over Christmas, fractured her kidney, and had some internal bleeding. Thank the Lord, they found it in time and she is okay. She had surgery and still has to have another surgery. She is doing lots better and we just pray for a quick recovery!

My mom has to have someone with her, so I took a few days off this week to spend with her. I enjoyed spending time with her at the house and relaxing. We watched a lot of TV. I think I've seen all the talk shows on during the day. Even though I had to be out of school for a bad reason, it was nice being at home with mom!

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