Monday, September 5, 2011

Clemson game and Weekend Recap

My favorite time of year is quickly approaching...Fall! I love football, cooler weather, the trees changing colors, pumpkin patches and so much more! This weekend was the first Clemson football game of the year! The cooler weather has definitely not hit Clemson yet. It was so hot! Tailgating was fun under the tent, but the game was unbearable. I stayed under the fans for a while. Thankfully, we get some shade during the 2nd half. Clemson started off with a win for the year! Hopefully we'll have a winning and a much cooler season!

We spent Friday night watching the Midnight Flight race. My dad and Andrew ran the race. They both did a great job! I would love to be able to run a race one day. Brent went off on a boy's weekend so I was here for the weekend. Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday morning sick. Thankfully, we were off for Labor Day, so I've been able to rest. The good thing about being sick is I've caught up on all my TV shows. Thank goodness for DVR! It's been a great weekend!

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